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Short bio: 

Gurbir Singh is a former college lecturer, IT security consultant and now spends most of his time writing on space-related topics and presenting a science radio programme on


Gurbir Singh is a UK-based space writer. He studied science and computing and holds a science and an arts degree. Once keen on aviation, he has a private pilots licence for the UK, USA and Australia. He was one of 13,000 unsuccessful applicants responding to the 1989 advert in the UK “Astronaut wanted. No experience necessary” to become the first British astronaut, for which Helen Sharman was eventually selected and flew on the Soviet space station MIR in 1991.

He is also the publisher of, a not-for-profit astronomy podcast established in 2008.  He is the author, co-author or publisher of the following books

2011: Yuri Gagarin in London and Manchester
2017: The Indian Space Programme
2019: India’s Forgotten Rocket Pioneer
2022: My Personal History of The British Interplanetary Society 1933 – 1937 Liverpool
2022: The Atlas of Space Rocket Launch Sites

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Gurbir Singh (Photo credit Geir Engene from BIS)

Download — Photo credit Geir Engene from British Interplanetary Society.

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