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You’re also welcome to request an ebook copy of one of his books.

A Youtube video of a talk at the SpaceJam event held at Wework, Bangalore September 2019.

You are welcome to put specific questions to Gurbir.  He can also speak on the following topics.

Talks based on his books:

  • Yuri Gagarin in London and Manchester: Why did Yuri Gagarin come to London and spend a day in Manchester in July 1961. Where did he go, who did he meet and what was the legacy of his visit?
  • The Indian Space Programme: Why does India have a space programme? When, where and why was it established? What space-based services has India developed since its inception? Who were the key people responsible for developing it initially and what are the current and planned space missions?
  • India’s Forgotten Rocket Pioneer: The remarkable story of Stephen H Smith who spent a decade testing rockets during the 1930s and 1940s in Calcutta. Through almost 200 rocket experiments he demonstrated that rockets could be used to transport food, medicines, mail and livestock. Newly discovered archive of his letters from Calcutta to a philatelist in Bern, Switzerland reveals for the first time Smith’s motivations, challenges and a few successes.

Other talks for a non-specialist audience:

  • Britain in Space – From Woomera to Tim Peake.
  • China’s Silk Road to Space.
  • Evolution of the space age from the beginnings with Sputnik to the ISS
  • Services from space that shape human societies on Earth.
  • The emergence of the private space sector
  • Space debris and sustainable use of space
  • Militarisation of space.
  • Humans in Space

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