The Atlas of Space Rocket Launch Sites

The machines that orbit our planet live in a void environment – however, space travel itself does not exist in a vacuum.

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This title is the first of its kind: An atlas of all major sites where space rockets have been launched since the World’s first Sputnik in 1957. On 272 pages, the author Brian Harvey and his co-author Gurbir Singh showcase the steps of space travel as they have never been presented before. Detailed maps allow deep insights to places which are restricted to the public. This book offers a unique look at the physical footprints of Earth’s launch sites. With most places hidden away in jungles, deserts, or amid the Central Asian steppes, these places exist for the most part out of the eye of the general public. With
satellites facilitating our modern society and a modern space age ever-present in today’s news cycle, it is now more important than ever to think about the imprint these undertakings leave on Earth.

Brian Harvey is a writer and broadcaster on spaceflight who lives in Dublin, Ireland. He has a degree in history and political science from the University of Dublin (Trinity College) and an MA from University College Dublin. Gurbir Singh is a UK-based non-fiction writer specialising in space. He studied science and computing and holds a science and an arts degree. Paul Meuser is a researcher and artist dealing with both the interstellar ambitions and earthly artefacts of humanity’s leap into space. He holds a BFA with a concentration in ‘computation, technology, and culture’ from the Rhode Island School of Design, and an MA rch from the Yale School of Architecture. In 2019, he published the Architectural Guide Moon. He currently works as an architect and design engineer in Tunisia.

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